Myers Power Products High Speed Grounding Breakers provide effective, cost-saving substation ground fault protection, requiring less construction time and installation space than grounding transformers. Our High Speed Grounding Breakers prevent damaging high magnitude voltages by quickly grounding the system when the collector circuit breaker opens. These breakers offer a one cycle closing time and are installed in the back of an existing collector breaker cell, yielding the same footprint as our standard collector substation.

Product Description
  • Reduces Short Circuit Fault Clearing Time
    (from 5-cycles to 2-cycles)
  • Reduces Equipment Damage
  • Minimum Control Voltage Does Not Affect Consistent Two-Cycle Performance (Arc Flash)
  • Increased Arc Flash Hazard Protection
  • Lower Incident Energy
  • Increased Arc Mitigation Performance with Two-Cycle Circuit Breaker
  • Reduced PPE Requirements
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